Did you know that many people have been enjoying Board Games for almost 5,000 years all across the world? We’ve unearthed eight amazing facts about board games to amaze and entertain you, whether you’re a die-hard gamer and master of strategy or a reluctant family player relying on beginner’s luck! In addition, our Games & Puzzles section below has some wonderful gift ideas for game lovers.



Senet is thought to be the world’s oldest board game; it was popular in Ancient Egypt, and Tutankhamen was buried with many sets made of ivory and ebony wood. It resembled Backgammon in several ways, and its name means “passing through game.” Originally, this meant crossing the board, but it gradually took on a more spiritual meaning, symbolizing souls departing for the afterlife. The forgotten rules have been piece together, and this ancient game is still play today.


Others argue that Go, or Wei Qi, is the oldest board game (meaning “surrounding game”). According to mythology, the Ancient Chinese Emperor Yao created it to teach his son the strategic skills of attention, discipline, and balance. It became a requirement for noblemen to learn. Go evolved quickly after its introduction to Japan in the 17th century; it is now popular worldwide, particularly in Asia, with over 100 million players!

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Chess originated in sixth-century India as the game of Chaturanga, which was based on the four military divisions of infantry, cavalry, chariotry, and elephantry. It migrated to Europe in the late Middle Ages. When knights were force to play it and games might run for hours or even days! During WWII, great chess players like as Sir Stuart Milner-Berry, Hugh Alexander, and Harry Golombek were recruiting expressly for their strategic abilities to work as top code breakers at Bletchley Park.


George Fox of England created the first commercially produced board game around 1800. In The Mansion of Happiness, players raced around the board learning about the importance of virtues (while avoiding vices) in order to reach the Happiness Center. Instead of dice, a spinner was employ, as dice were associate with the vice of gambling! Although it is no longer play (unsurprisingly! ), its race-based framework lives on in games like Ludo.


Game bingo originated in the Italian national lottery in the 16th century. And it was later employ in Germany to teach students their multiplication tables! During WWI, bingo became popular in the United Kingdom, with over 14 million individuals joining bingo clubs by 1963. It is originally know in the US as Beano (due to the use of beans to hide the numbers), but a winning player is believe to have called Bingo in enthusiasm, and the name stuck.



Bingo game online is Scrabble, one of the most well-know games in the world, design by un-employ US architect Alfred Butts in 1933 (after the Great Depression). Scrabble, formerly called as Lexico and subsequently Criss Cross Words, is played in at least half of British homes, with over 130 million sets sold globally. The Queen is a big lover of the game, and National Scrabble Day is celebrated every year on April 13th (the inventor’s birthday)!


Board games have long been a popular means of bringing people together. Hasbro discovered that 91 percent of families that played together claimed it improved their mood, with parents hoping that it taught their children communication, sportsmanship, and collaboration skills. Of course, social connection is crucial for good mental health, and the regulated nature of board games (together with their absence of technology) means they can be a good distraction and way to relieve anxiety for people of all ages.


Finally, the good news is that all board games can help us improve our cognitive abilities! We use parts of the brain that engage intellectual processes and memory whether we’re learning rules. Solving problems, making decisions, or thinking strategically. Children learn spelling, counting, and other life skills through these types of games, and recent research on senior people playing (non-digital) games like Chess and Bingo reveals that the earlier you start and the more often you play, the better. A fantastic example of “use it or lose it” throughout one’s life.

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