Shawn Mendes has pledged to stay “best friends” with ex-girlfriend Camila Cabello, saying his feelings for her would “never change.”

In an appearance of “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Monday, April 4. Mendes expressed his feelings on Cabello while discussing his just released song “When You’re Gone.” He said the song was written a month after he and Cabello split up. 


“I think it’s really just the processing and the complexity of that,” he added. “I think it’s really just the complications of knowing something is better and still wanting to cling on and all the reasons why.” “I’m glad I can just be true and authentic with my music because it’s relieving for me to be able to write about these things as well.”

Mendes also spoke on breakups, emphasizing that he understands people’s apprehension about going through such a process.

“I think most people have that anxiety,” he said, “but I think a breakup can be a blessing in many ways because it may show you that you are [strong enough], which is crucial.”

Mendes responded affirmatively when asked if the two of them “remain friends” with each other.


“We’re nice to each other.” “I mean, I’ve loved Camila for a long time. And it’s never going to change,” he explained.

In November of last year, Mendes and Cabello released a joint statement on Instagram announcing their divorce. They didn’t say why they broke up, but they did say that their love for one other is “stronger than ever.”

Following his break up with Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes has been putting his heart into his music “It’ll Be Okay”. On Instagram, he share a clip of a brand new song, singing “Move on / I don’t wanna know what it’s like when you’re gone” over a catchy tune.

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