As internet connection speeds and live streaming technologies advance, so too does the quality of games developed by the leading platforms in this niche and everything has advantages and disadvantages, and live casinos are no exception. The technology is still new, which poses a number of issues in and of itself.


Limited Game Collection

Unlike online casino libraries, live dealer games have a restricted selection. Because live casinos are costly to operate, developers are hesitant to take on a huge portfolio. Most live casinos offer only a few dozen blackjacks, roulette, poker, and baccarat variations. The number of games available is gradually expanding, but for the time being, you’re stuck with these casino games. And for players, this can be an issue.

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Higher Minimum Bets

One of the reasons for the increasing minimum stakes is the high cost of maintaining live casinos. Because you can’t play for free and the minimum wagers are greater, live casinos aren’t appropriate for beginners. Newcomers are more likely to shun live casinos, at least for the time being, because the stakes are larger and for this, you can use Online Casino Using Gcash


Technical Problems

Live casinos or Egames are a relatively new addition to the internet gaming scene. As a result, technological issues are predicting to arise. As previously state, the games are stream over a video link from a separate studio, which increases the potential for technical issues. If you were intending on playing live casino games over a 3G mobile network, you should reconsider. Live casinos necessitate a consistent and fast Internet connection, which may be a challenge for some players.

Even if your connection is stable, technical problems can still occur. This is one of the key reasons why live dealer games deter many players (and casinos).

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